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Water fuss about nothing – Myth and materials - Ginposium 2015

Mark Gamble

Whether, and if so how much, water source makes a  difference in a distilled product. With sample tasting, using a test gin distilled with different water samples used to illustrate a number of different waters.

Session will have samples Mark Gamble (Union Distillers Limited – Two Bird gins – Market Harborough) Entrepreneur and Innovator Mark Gamble formed Union Distillers Ltd in 2012. Mark then designed and built his first micro-distillery and still which went into production the following year.

Gin being his spirit of choice for 40+ years became the first spirit to be created by Union Distillers. His Son and Daughter were given the task of creating and developing the Brand. In 2013 Two Birds Countryside Spirits was launched and Two Birds London Dry Gin subsequently went on to win Gold in the 2013 Craft Distillers Awards and Silver Outstanding in the IWSC.

November of last year saw the launch of what is believed to be the first Gin specifically distilled for cocktails. Two Birds Speciality Cocktail Gin won a Double Gold at the 2014 San Francesco World Spirits Competition. This month Union Distillers new 3000 sq. ft. purpose built distillery opens in Market Harborough.

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