The heritage and future of the Martini - Ginposium 2023

Keli Rivers

It would be humble to say that Keli Rivers has been very lucky in her gin immersed career- from curating the largest gin and genever collection in the Americas for San Francisco mecca, Whitechapel to being named by Gin Magazine’s Iconic Awards; Gin Ambassador of the Year (2021) for the pioneering craft brand; Sipsmith – but honestly, she has worked her butt off to get to where she is.

With 29 years under her belt in the hospitality industry all over the world, including Germany, Japan, Hong Kong. She spends her time spreading the gospel of juniper driven beverages with a perfectly crafted negroni in hand.

One might call Keli’s fascination with the botanically guided an unhealthy fixation, however in the words of the infamous icon- John Waters, ‘Without obsession, life is nothing.’ Keli joined the Gin Guild in May 2022.