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Local Flavour: Using science to aid gin recipe development

Dr. Ulrich Dyer

Using science to assist the art of recipe development. Analytic techniques to identify and isolate flavour molecules. Pitched at average distiller level!

Ulrich has a PhD in organic chemistry and after working for a few years as a researcher at Harvard University he took a job in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal chemist. Over the last thirty years he has been discovering new medicines in areas such as asthma, HIV, influenza and cancer. In 2016 he decided to follow his other passion, food and drink, which led him to form Woodlab Distillery in the heart of Northern Ireland.

By using his knowledge of modern scientific techniques coupled with rigorous quality assurance gained from his previous experiences he is producing a range of spirits that showcase the superb ingredients from the Irish countryside.


  • Chemical analysis of local botanicals
  • Isolation of flavour molecules by distillation
  • Using science to help recipe development


Symphonia No.1 is a classic gin with juniper as the leading botanical, with others added as complementary notes, these include basil, rosemary, dandelion and rose, cold distilled to retain their unique flavours.

Symphonia No.2 has crisp green Bramley apples from County Armagh as its centrepiece. these apples have protected geographical ingredient (PGI) status due to the unique growing conditions of the region. This creates an apple with the lowest sugar and highest acidity of any apple which resonates with the Symphonia gin perfectly.

Symphonia No.3 is a refreshing fruit spirit that harmonises gin botanicals with the natural sweetness of locally grown fruits and berries. The raspberries are grown in the distillery garden and the berries are foraged from the abundant hedgerows that criss-cross the verdant Irish countryside.

E-mail ulrich@woodlabdistillery.com
Website www.woodlabdistillery.com
Address: 14, Lisgobban Road, Benburb, Northern Ireland, BT71 7PT
Phone 07889 769320