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Grain to glass The benefits of distilling your own base spirit - Ginposium 2015

John McCarthy

The benefits (image/marketing sales pitch/backstory/taste/uniqueness) of distilling your own base spirit.

John McCarthy, Master Distiller, Adnams Distillery (Adnams, winner of the 2013 IWSC Gin Trophy)

John has been Adnams head distiller since the company opened the Copper House Distillery in 2010. John’s recipes have led to many awards for all his spirits, including the coveted IWSC Gin Trophy (sponsored by the Gin Guild).

The Adnams spirits are based on locally grown, East Anglian malted cereals, with which they brew a “distillery wash” – a 7% abv beer, un-hopped – using their unique two strain brewing yeast, that has been in use for over 70 years.

• Point of Difference
• Total Control Over Recipe
• Ability For Experimentation
• Production of Anything (nearly)

• Cost/Cleaning Chemicals
• Time
• Expertise
• Waste Beer
• Spent Grain
• Space

Website: www.adnams.com