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First Impressions – The Importance of Aroma for a Gin Brand - Ginposium 2017

Sion Edwards

First impressions (the winner by a nose was…) The importance of aroma for a gin brand.


Langley Distillery

– A family owned company established in 1805 by WH Palmer
– Langley Distillery is within Alcohols Ltd owned by WH Palmer Group
– Originally a brewery Langley became a distillery in the 1920’s
– Oldest working still is from 1840’s and the youngest from 1994
– Bought in the 1970’s
– Currently producing the equivalent of 60 million bottles for the gin market worldwide
– 250-300 brands are sold with gin crafted at Langley
– Maintaining old traditions to create many award winning gins.
– Master Distiller Rob Dorsett
– Work with over 100 small distilleries and brands
– Grain, Molasses or any other spirits requested
– Supplying Botanicals sourced from all over the world
– Recipe development & trialling
– Product development
– Basically helping people transform their dreams to reality!


– How important is Aroma?
– We can detect or recognise 10,000 different aromas
– Only 5 tastes on our palate Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salt and Umami
– Before tasting anything we always sniff – a natural reaction
– If our nose is turned we will not taste

Aroma in Branding

– Brands demonstrate aroma
– Bacon Sandwich
– Donuts
– Coffee

Aroma important in Gin?

– Our whole experience is sight, smell and taste
– What we read or see might also influence our experience
– Mixers
– How is your gin best enjoyed
– Some examples