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Dying to be different (The Ambridge effect) - Ginposium 2018

James Firth

The dangers of relying on locally foraged botanicals. Do you know the difference between edible and toxic/dangerous/waste of time/not worth the effort?

Ambridge in Borsetshire is the fictional village location for the long running BBC Radio 4 agricultural soap opera “The Archers”. This has of late (ever on message with trends and farm diversity), featured a gin distillery start up by one of the less reliable village characters.

Some of the initial foraged botanical choices were unwise!


  • The Ambridge Effect – Dying to be different
  • “Apparently, you can add anything to gin. Jam. Anything. The world’s your larder.”
  • Access and Foraging rights
  • Theft act 1968
  • Countryside Rights of Way, (CROW) Act, 2000
  • All land in England and Wales is owned by someone
  • Restrictions of Access
  • Rights of Access
  • Right to roam, but not to forage
  • Plant Protections
  • Other Protections
  • Other registers and voluntary codes
  • Commercial foraging
  • Adding jam to gin – are you sure?
  • What can we put in our Gin?
  • Maybe safe, maybe not A few examples
  • Juniper berries. Which are poisonous?

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