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Bottles – Better by design - Ginposium 2016

Bernard Gormley & Tony Enoch

The importance of the designer bottle in promotion and sale of your designer gin

Bernard Gormley & Tony Enoch of Nude Design

Who we are
We are Nude. Our business and our name was born out of a desire to do things differently, to be true to ourselves, to strip what we do back to the real reason we all got into design in the first place, to through away the baggage of the past and just ‘start again’.

We work on luxury brands and we like to work with clients who are brave and want to challenge category norms.

What we do
Our core principle is ‘in learning’, not doing things the way we know how. We come at projects from an angle we’re not sure about every time; an angle which is naïve and free. We have set ourselves the task of re-learning how to see and of finding new languages, in a way that becomes a discovery.

We are characterised by a willingness to do things differently each time. We work in discomfort zones. This puts design as an active, conscious process back at the heart of the organisation.

In Search of Time – A Gin Is Born
We have been invited to share a story with you. This is a story about the design elements surrounding the launch of a new gin. But more than that, it is a story about time, about creativity, about crafting, and about how ideas come to fruition and the importance of packaging to bring these stories to life.

Bernard Gormley, Nude Brand Creation
Bernard is a Founding Partner of Nude and has over twenty years of experience in the branding and communications business. Bernard has led branding programmes for the drinks industry including Pernod Ricard where he has worked with Chivas Brothers, Havana Club and Irish Distillers.Bernard has won a number of creative awards including two D&AD awards, two Clio’s and a DBA design effectiveness award 2011.

Tony Enoch, Nude Brand Creation
Tony is a Creative Partner of Nude and has worked as a creative in London and Sydney for four leading agencies before helping found Nude in 2003. His spirit experience with Pernod Ricard stretches from Ballantine’s and Havana Club to the repositioning of Longmorn Single Malt. Past work also includes Whyte & Mackay (The Dalmore and Jura). Tony has been recognised by the following awards; D&AD, Clio, CBA and Wine & Spirits International.

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