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Beyond the soundbite – integrating sustainability into your distillery

Will Edge

Greensand Ridge Distillery – winner of the 2019 Distillery Sustainability Award from the Spirits Business

Will Edge is the Founder and Distiller at Greensand Ridge Distillery. A lifelong booze hobbyist, his keyboard daydreams of forging a career in the sector could have taken him in any direction – brewing, cidermaking, distilling – but it was undertaking a Masters Degree in Brewing & Distilling which helped to narrow his focus. As a lifelong environmentalist, he began planning a distillery which would marry his passions for fine spirits of all types with an environmentalist approach.
Launched in 2015, Greensand Ridge Distillery now produces Gins, Rums, Brandies and Whiskies, winning awards for their low-impact approach to spirits production.

Greensand Ridge simply want to make the finest spirits possible that truly reflect the flavours of the woods, orchards, fields and hedgerows that surround our distillery. Greensand Ridge Premium London Dry Gin includes eight botanicals that can be found within a mile of the distillery.

Greensand Ridge conceived Greensand Ridge Distillery by asking the question, how to you take an energy intensive process as distilling is, and not only reduce its environmental footprint, but have it make a positive contribution to sustainability?
They use advanced technology and 100% renewable energy, but also work with our region’s farmers to reduce food waste at the farm gate by fermenting and distilling quality produce that supermarkets won’t take.

DOWNLOAD: Sustainability Checklist for your distillery