The Birthplace of Gin

London gin distilleries’ map

Although now distilled in many places in the UK (and beyond), there is a special gin resonance about London.

It has had an essential role in developing London Dry Gin, a form of gin enjoyed world-wide (even though there is no geographical requirement that this be made in London), and from which other contemporary interpretations have also been created.

Here is a snapshot of some London distilleries and gin bars that are worth a visit. Find yourself and find new gins and new friends. Click on the markers on the map for more information.

We have shown the location of the main English distilleries on the interactive distillery map, enabling you to track down gin distilleries from across the UK and beyond.

Gin Guild distilleries open to public

Gin Guild gin producers

London Micro distilleries

Some suggested London Gin Bars

How to get there

For your assistance we have also added (to the entries of the Gin Guild members and key entries), a note on how to get to the locations. Some are a little way from tube stations and you may find it easier to get a taxi to the location from the nearest tube station. The venue can help you book a taxi to get back.

To plan your route online, from wherever you will be, use the VisitBritain journey planner.

Want a guide or to join a group?

Leon Dalloway, the Skipper of the #GinJourney & the #LondonGinExperience, offers guided gin tours for groups.

Call 07513 751814
(other guides are available)


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London Underground

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